About Us


A hearty WELCOME to one and all!  Our great country is dotted with towns of many sizes filled with hardworking genuine people from all walks of life.  Rockford, Washington is no different.  Most folks say that there are about 500 citizens in our town.  After more than a century two churches remain to offer spirtual leadership - St. Joseph's Catholic and Rockford United Methodist.  While we do many things together, ROCKFORD COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH provides a protestant home for people from many walks of life.

Rockford Methodist Church was formed in 1879.  It has a long history of being the primary or only protestant church in the community, hence the name Rockford Community has been added to the moniker in the past several years.  Our church is small but caring, and we want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for anything you need.  Everyone is welcome, whether you just moved to Rockford or have been here for many years!  You're always welcome to join us in worship - Sundays at 10 am.

When you visit our church, you will find: