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Rodney's Ruminations:

Sometimes Things Change

I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal Sunday, published in the U-T San Diego newspaper titled, "Ten Things Teenagers Won't Tell You." What fascinated me about the article was how it reflected on some of the cultural changes that have taken place in the latest generation and how those changes have "affected parents' pocketbooks and the American economy". According to the article, "roughly 25 million Americans between the ages of 13 and 18 grew up with Facebook and Netflix (I must admit that I have used neither)." Again, according to the article, "Teens no longer like to hang out at the mall (I did not know that), rather they can more likely be found at a Chipotle or a Starbucks" (I can't recall ever having been in a Chipotle). Only 55% of Americans 18 and under are Caucasian, and those same teenagers and "tweens", according to the article, are comfortable with our country's changing ethnic balance. The article also stated that "teenagers are more comfortable than older generations with same sex marriage."

Sometimes things change. A few days ago I was in a Subway sandwich shop, trying to remember what type of "sub" I was supposed to order and the lady standing in line behind me simply took out her "smart phone" and read the text she had received detailing the sandwich her friend wanted her to order. Many of us are often uncomfortable with change, and we sometimes resist change with all our heart and soul.

If I have read the Scriptures correctly, the Bible is all about change. Abram responded to God's call for change. "By breaking ties of land and kindred and responding to God's summons into a new world, Abraham typifies the person of faith (NRSV notes)." Abraham was an agent for change. He left what was comfortable and moved into the unknown.

Jesus was an agent for change. He changed the way we look at God and how we show our love of God. Jesus changed the status of women by elevating them to a new and higher level. Jesus changed how we look at people who are different from us. In the story of the Canaanite Woman found in the fifteenth chapter of Matthew's Gospel, we find an example of our Lord recognizing no racial, ethnic, or national origin. As members of the Body of Christ, neither should we.

There will always be change in our lives. Some of it will be for the good of humankind and some of it will not. How will we embrace the change that comes our way? One of the things that we need to remember as we confront the changes that occur daily in our lives is that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8) and the "permanent character of Christ is a source of encouragement" for us as we confront the changes in our culture and our lives (Notes: The New Interpreter's Study Bible).

Grace and Peace, Rodney


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Rev. Rodney C. Wallace, pastor

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