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Rodney's Ruminations:

Are We Indispensable?

Recently, I read an article in the newspaper supplement, American Profile, on the origins and use of "Duct" or Duck" tape.  Many of you probably read the same article.  The article began with the statement, "It's in every handyman's toolbox, every family's kitchen drawer, just about every hiker's backpack and these days, it's an inspiration to crafters nationwide.  It's duct tape.  And it's indispensable."

When I read the sentence, "And it's indispensable," I paused for a moment and asked myself if we, as a church, are indispensable to our community.  I think it is a question worth pondering and praying over.  would Rockford be any different if we were not here?  What if the church building that has stood for many years was not there?  Would we be missed as a community of faith?  I certainly hope so, but I ask you, "Are we indispensable?"

When I attended the Gathering of the Orders at the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, we were asked to sit around the tables in the room, and each table was to prepare bread for baking and use during the communion service when the incoming clergy persons would be ordained.  I have never prepared, or baked, a loaf of bread in my life, but each person at the table had a specific job regarding the preparing of the bread for baking.  The Dry Ingredient Manager was responsible for pouring the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.  The Kneader was responsible for mixing the dry and wet ingredients into a ball that the Roller could roll into a 1/8 inch thick rectangular for baking.

Each ingredient was indispensable and each person was indispensable to the preparing of the bread for baking.  Again, are we, as a church, indispensable to our community?  If one of us was to ask the first person we met the next time we were in town, what do you think their answer would be?  Would the say, "Oh, that's the white building on the way into or out of town," or "That's the white building across from the mini-mart," or would they say, "That's the place that represents God in our community."  God is concerned about each of us, and if we do represent God in our community, what are we doing to engage in the hurts and the joys of those around us, that would make us indispensable to our community?

Have a safe and fun-filled summer!
Grace and Peace, Rodney



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Rev. Rodney C. Wallace, pastor

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